Welcome to The Maternity Home of the Hudson Valley

We believe that every woman deserves a safe and loving place to call home. Our mission is to provide free housing and services to pregnant women in need, and to create a welcoming, Christian family-like atmosphere for them to experience the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting our website; we hope you find the information you need.


Our Mission

Creating a beacon of hope and a loving home for pregnant women in need, through free housing and services.

Discover ways to aid our mission

Pre-Natal Care Support

Pregnant mothers are connected to medical resources to ensure that they receive the best care during their pregnancy.

Newborn Care

New mothers receive information on what to expect and how to handle the everyday care of their infant.

Postpartum Support

Our Clinical Nurse meets with new mothers to discuss their care and to assess their state since giving birth.

Child Development Training

We have incorporated developmental and social-emotional screenings for the babies in the home.

Mommy + Me

Moms are trained on practices to stimulate the brain and strengthen their new babies’ development.

Next Steps - Life Skills

Throughout their stay at the home, mothers are given opportunity to develop and enhance their life skills.

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